PWPA is Passionate About Building the Academic Network for Peace-Loving People.

  • P.W.P.A. Professors World Peace Academy

    Professors World Peace Academy

    We are developing the international connections of PWPA to encourage synergy of academic networks and to address critical issues in a responsible way.
  • Strengthening International Ties

    Strengthening International Ties

    PWPA looks forward expanded activities and
    participation. It supports and coordinates the activities
    of international conferences.
  • Building the Vision for Global World Peace

    Building the Vision for Global World Peace

    PWPA a large mandate to be “international, multidisciplinary, future-oriented and action-oriented” in its peace-building work.
  • Research for Solutions to Current Critical Issues that Confront the Society

    Research for Solutions to Current Critical Issues that Confront the Society

    The Professors World Peace Academy PWPA Forum presents the topcis every year about the critical problems facing the world.
  • Constructive Communication Cycle on Solutions

    Constructive Communication Cycle on Solutions

    Professors World Peace Academy to search for truth and goodness with intellect and conscience. Studying views towards understanding those processes will lead to the prevention and solution of conflicts by peaceful means.
  • Building the Harmonious Ties for HyoJeong World Peace

    Building the Harmonious Ties for HyoJeong World Peace

    The distances and boundaries are disappearing fast in today’s global world. We are all neighbors in this diversified community of One World to experience and learn together.
  • Developing Global relationship

    Developing Global relationship

    PWPA looks forward expanded activities and participation in different corners of the world to exchange ideas and experiences.
  • P.W.P.A. for All Seasons

    P.W.P.A. for All Seasons

    The core principles of Professors World Peace Academy is
    co-operation and connection, supporting the belief that people around the world will combine their efforts to achieve the world peace.

PWPA International - Professors World Peace Academy

A Global Academic Community in the Pursuit of World Peace

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PWPA International

The Professors World Peace Academy promotes its work throughout the world. There have been recent PWPA meetings held in Europe, America, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. Throughout continuous development of international connections for PWPA and its related organizations, PWPA enables the members to benefit from the synergy of ideas and academic networks and to address critical issues.

PWPA USA - New York


New York

PWPA Korea - CheongPyeong

PWPA Korea


PWPA Japan - Tokyo

PWPA Japan



Believe in yourself. Have faith and confidence in your abilities to build world peace together. I invite you to connect with PWPA, and look forward to the opportunity to greet you in person as
the peace-loving global citizens.

Dr. Thomas Selover/Chairman, PWPA International


New York

A chapter in the United States was formed under the leadership of Dr. Morton Kaplan in 1979. PWPA-USA, which also housed the PWPA International office from 1983-2000, publishes the International Journal on World Peace. PWPA also supports the development of the New World Encyclopedia, which follows the mission of creating value-based knowledge for the coming world order.

PWPA USA Chapter
PWPA Korea

PWPA Korea


The Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA) was founded on May 6, 1973 in Seoul, Korea at a gathering of 168 professors from Korea and Japan. The professors held discussions on historical reconciliation that political and religious leaders had been unable to accomplish.

PWPA Korea Chapter
PWPA Japan

PWPA Japan


National chapters were formed in both Korea and Japan. PWPA chapters in Korea and Japan began with the publication of newsletters and journals to support their activities. These were soon followed by the publication of academic books in several countries.

PWPA Japan Chapter

Related Organizations

  • Universal Peace Federation ( UPF )

    A Global Network of Peacebuilders

    UPF acknowledges the need for careful and proportionate use of power, including political, economic, military and civil society power to sustain lasting peace. However, UPF strongly emphasize "soft power" solutions as essential to peacebuilding. A leading exponent of “track two” diplomacy, UPF emphasizes the role and responsibility of religious and spiritual leaders to transcend historical self-interest and pursue the ideal of “One family under God.”

  • HJ Academy of Arts & Sciences

    Model Building of Filial Piety to True Parents

    The Hyo Jeong Academy was established to promote scholarship around the world on the teachings known as Godism, the ideal of One Family Under God. To that end, it supports and coordinates the activities of International Conferences. Hyo Jeong reflects the filial piety and common founding principles of Love God, Love the nation, and Love the people.

  • The International Conferences on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS)

    An Interdisciplinary Academic Forum

    The ICUS is a renowned interdisciplinary science conference, the largest of its kind in the world. The main concerns of the ICUS conference are the restoration of unity among the various scientific fields and the search for absolute values by which world scientific development may be guided.

  • International Conferences on World Peace (ICWP)

    Bringing Peace to the World

    The ICWP conferences are a link in the chain of research on world peace, with a focus on Asian regional problems, but also emphasis on the world's general security, worldwide economic and technical cooperation and cultural exchange. Ideas are also presented for future tasks such as the maintenance of the ecosystem.

  • Interreligious Association For Peace and Development

    Worldwide Association of Religious Leaders

    The new interreligious association, known provisionally as the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development, was launched on November 13, 2017, at an International Leadership Conference in Seoul, South Korea, with the vision that religions must cooperate with one another—Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain, and others for the sake of building the world envisioned by our founders, our ancestors, and, indeed, all people.

  • International Christian Professors Association (ICPA)

    Society of Christian Professors and Scholars

    ICPA is an interdenominational organization consisting of Christian professors several nations. ICPA serves to promote exchange between Christian professors about how to realize God’s will on earth.

Our school goals

Our Goals

PWPA-International has supported the development of national chapters throughout the world and supported hundreds of national and regional conferences. It has brought the leaders of these chapters to international Congresses that analyzed the world’s major social systems and the challenges to world peace.

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PWPA is fundamentally committed to respecting and appreciating the intellectual assets which each member brings to our common tasks.

By investing those assets in our work together, we can multiply their value and effectiveness for goodness to build world peace.


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