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2019 PWPA International Symposium in Berlin

2019 International Symposium in Berlin

The 2019 International Symposium in Berlin hosted by PWPA International was held on June 22, 2019 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
PWPA symposium was sponsored by the HyoJeong Academy of Arts and Sciences and UPF Europe.

There were about one hundred forty attendees from all over Europe and thirty attendees from Korea. The overall theme of the HyoJeong Academy of Arts & Sciences’ symposium was “Social Integration, God Science and Cheon Il Guk in light of the Ideals of GongSaeng, GongYeong, GongEui. (공생공영공의)” These ideals, as taught by our True Parents, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, are often translated

as Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universally Shared Values or more recently sometimes as Co-Existence, Co-Prosperity, and Co-Righteousness.

Since a fuller and deeper exploration of these concepts is essential for the realization of Heavenly Parent’s originally intended ideal world of one family of humankind under God, this symposium held great significance.

The Opening Ceremony of the overall symposium was moderated by Dr. Thomas Selover, president of PWPA International and president of Sunhak UP Graduate University, who warmly welcomed all of the attendees. Dr. Sung-Bae Jin, chairman of the HyoJeong Academy of Arts & Sciences and the Unification Thought Institute International, and Dr. Katsumi Otsuka, chairman of HyoJeong Academy of Arts & Sciences of Europe and UPF-Europe, gave inspiring opening remarks that prepared the attendees for the deep and thought provoking presentations that were given throughout the day.

The theme of PWPA International’s symposium was “Social Integration and GongEui (co-righteousness)” and the session was moderated by Dr. Thomas Selover, president of PWPA International. Dr. Jae-Young Lee, vice president of Sun Moon University in Korea presented his paper entitled the “Study on the Establishment of Global Ethics Through an Integration of Religious Rules.” This was followed by a presentation by Dr. Jung-Jo Park, tenured professor at Free University in Berlin, entitled

“The Lesson German Unification gives to Social Integration on the Korean Peninsula.”

There was a lively question and answer session following both presentations moderated by Dr. Selover.

PWPA International also hosted a discussion session between about 30 young second generation scholars in Europe, their elder counterparts from Korea, and 1st generation elder scholars and leaders from around the world in which they discussed how our 2nd generation scholars in Europe can contribute to the development of scholarly activities promoting and developing the Unification Principle of our True Parents in Europe.

The program concluded with a delicious dinner and attendees enjoyed touring Berlin, the site of so much pioneering intellectual activities in Western history, the following day before departing back to their homelands. As one can surmise from their titles, the contents of the presentations are important contributions to developing the contents of the symposium’s theme of “Social Integration and GongEui (co-righteousness)” and can be obtained from PWPA and the HyoJeong Academy of Arts & Sciences. We are deeply grateful to our True Parents for the opportunity to hold this important symposium.

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