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PWPA Reflections from the Hyojeong Academy Paris Symposium

With great gratitude for True Parents' leadership in the advancement of our academic movement, I would like to share this PWPA reflection on the Hyojeong Academy's European launching and symposium in Paris, Oct. 26-28, 2018, with 110 international participants, organized by Dr. Sung Bae Jin and Dr. Katsumi Otsuka.

First, there was much evidence of the lively and serious interest of our European leaders and members for the revival and expansion of Unification academic activities in Europe. Therefore, the launching of the Hyojeong Academy in Europe was a substantial success.

As a result of this conference, PWPA international will be able to hold PWPA seminars in several countries in Europe and the Middle East.

With the encouragement of Dr. Michael Balcomb and other European leaders, there were young European scholars participating in the conference. This important aspect must be developed further in the future.

The participation of Korean professors from Sun Moon University and SunHak UP Graduate University made a significant contribution to the symposium. Many European members were interested in the content of the sessions prepared by the Korean scholars. In the future, we shall provide translation so that international members can understand and appreciate the work of Korean scholars on core topics of True Parents' thought.

Dr. Gordon Anderson, Secretary-General of PWPA-USA, Dr. Takagi representing PWPA-Japan, and I gave reports on the present activities and future plans of PWPA. In my talk, I emphasized the active development of interdependence, co-prosperity and universal values (공생,공영,공의) based on hyojeong toward Heaven. European leaders and members expressed their happiness to see the revival of PWPA and want to contribute it. This symposium has given new momentum to the academic movement centered on True Parents Thought, in Europe and beyond.

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