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P.W.P.A. Re-Launching Cambodia

Dr. Thomas Selover, International President of PWPA. He begin by introducing PWPA as one of the branch of the Hyo Jeong Academic Movement, first established by True Parents with a mandate for peace-building through academic and policy work that is international muti-disciplinary, future oriented and action-oriented.

He continued reinstating Rev. Moon's words, “The ultimate goal of PWPA is to help create a just and harmonious world order by encouraging scholars to search for new ideas and methods of achieving peace and prosperity.” (Dr. Sun Myung Moon, “Professors World Peace Academy and Our Resolution,” December 18, 1983; PHG, 753)

He also talks about a win-win-win thinking principle. He explained that it is the strategy to search inclusive solutions instead of polarizing factions. He also stressed the importance of character education to provide internal education in whichever academic field a student might in, thus realizing balance education.

Along with this, he goes deeper on explaining the meaning of Hyo Jeong (filial affection) and how it looks like in Chinese character; PWPA Core Values- Interdependence, co-prosperity, common cause- and the like. He concluded saying “PWPA will help nurture professors and scholars in Cambodia and throughout the world”!

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